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Finding people with Trace express starts either by submitting your people search enquiry to us via this website or by picking up the phone and speaking to us. Our phone number is free from a landline and is 0800 567 7007.

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If you need to find someone today, be it a lost family member, a birth parent, an old friends or a debtor who has recently 'disappeared' leaving unpaid debts in their wake then Trace Express can help.

We have a team of experienced, highly skilled researchers and investigators who provide a specialist people finder service specifically aimed at finding people within the United Kingdom. We offer a professional, confidential service and specialist in difficult cases where there is little information on the lost or missing person.

If you are trying to locate somebody, be it an old friend, a distant relative, former workmates or an adoptive family member then you are looking at the right website.

Call us on 0800 567 7007 or click here to fill out our enquiry form and send us some details.

Other Options...

There are several other websites online offering tracing services at Free or nominal rates. Take a look at our 'How to find someone' for links to useful websites and resources.

If you do not have any success there, then please do give us a call. Trace Express are experts in this felid with years of experience tracing people well utilising the most up-to-date information systems, databases and research methods. Our success rates are second to none.

What we will need to locate the person

There is no one answer to what information we require in order to begin a missing person search. We have successfully completed cases where we were only given a name/partial name and a general geographic area. Generally the more accurate information you can give us the better but we do pride ourselves at locating people on limited information.

If you would like to trace someone please take a look at the appropriate form via the 'Who do you need to find?' menu below, or you can call us on 0800 567 7007 and speak to one of our investigators. If you are trying to locate someone in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales then Trace Express can help you find a missing person quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

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